Boilers being part of greater ecosystem

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31 May 2021

innovative biomass boilers

Boilers being part of greater ecosystem

We have been covering renewable energy and innovations for quite some time. And, despite our focus remains on investment opportunities market intelligence, this time, we decided to bring something completely different to your attention. Since last year, EREVITA has entered cooperation with pvEUROPE, a brand under GENTNER, an energy transition publishing powerhouse based in Stuttgart. Recently, it published interesting articles of ATTACK s.r.o., a Slovak boiler manufacturer. And this is where the manufacturer gained our attention. A story behind the the two articles is quite unique and likely not commonly seen at its peers. ATTACK uses solar energy from its 200kWp rooftop PV array to power its manufacturing facility. At the same time, it manufactures innovative biomass boilers, thus a product of greater renewable energy ecosystem. Its traditional business partners are HVAC wholesalers across the globe. However, their potential bussines partners could easily be any companies involved in renewable energy business ecosystem and that is exactly what ATTACK has currenly been looking for, internationally.


Links to the articles at GENTNER:



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