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Marcela's Czech-Slovak-British story

Marcela's Czech-Slovak-British story

From DAX to investing in green energy ...

Performed by: Marcela, Marcela's husband, DAX,, 3cAnalyis, EREVITA and others. A story about how trading in the capital markets through an online Danish investment bank can bring you to the joy of helping the planet.

"... My hobby has become a major and not a small income. Nevertheless, I feel responsible towards our planet in terms of ecology. I realize that it is not enough to separate waste. Coincidentally, I got to the EREVITA project.

My husband and I were intrigued by a portfolio of carbon-free companies and we found it a good idea to do something for the planet and make some money in the medium term. "

Krátky článok o tomto zaujímavom príbehu v slovenskom jazyku nájdete na ELEKTRIKA.SK

Kompletný článok v slovenskom jazyku nájedte na

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Our fan Tomas from ShowFX World conferrence

Our fan Tomas from ShowFX World conferrence

"Hello Mr. Lubomir,

we met during ShowFX World conferrence, in Bratislava. I had a look at EREVITA website and has found it interesting and impressive. I will also have a look at one of 3cAnalysis more closely.

All seems pretty inspiring.
I am glad we could meet each other.


email from Tomas

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