When cutting down trees leads to decarbonisation

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When cutting down trees leads to decarbonisation The first carbon negative company of its kind ...

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Drax secures £500,000 for innovative fu...

EREVITA Team, 1.1.2020 18:30:37

Drax secures £500,000 for innovative fuel cell carbon capture study Drax Group will explore the feasibility of using molten carbonate fuel cells as a technology for capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) having secured £500,000 of funding from the UK Government. 27th June 2019 Fuel cell FEED study to assess the feasibility of building a second carbon capture pilot at Drax Power Station will help position the UK as a world leader in the fight against climate change The technology used will produce power at the same time as capturing carbon dioxide from Drax’s flue gases Neighbouring horticultural site will use the CO2 to improve yields and demonstrate how businesses working together in clusters can deliver climate solutions Th government funding will be used to explore using FuelCell Energy’s molten carbon fuel cell to generate electricity whilst capturing CO2 from the flue gases produced during the combustion of biomass for renewable power generation at Drax.

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