Green Hydrogen and Refueling Stations Across Europe

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Green Hydrogen and Refueling Stations Across Europe bringing hydrogen mobility to France and Europe...

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Sales Manager

Lubomir, 8.6.2021 23:35:12

Indeed an interesting stock picking. Guys, you are doing a great job! Keep up on doing so.

Re: Sales Manager

EREVITA team, 8.6.2021 23:40:22

thanks a lot & good luck with your stocks ;)

Sales Manager

Lubomir, 27.10.2022 07:03:27

Very encouraging development https://www.hyvia.eu/app/uploads/2022/10/2022-10-14-press-release-v3.pdf

Re: Sales Manager

EREVITA team, 27.10.2022 12:32:16

Thank you for your comment and information

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