Energy storage into salt

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Energy storage into salt How to store energy 10 times cheaper ...

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SaltX Berlin pilot plant shows very prom...

Lubomir, 12.10.2019 22:00:24

SaltX Berlin pilot plant shows very promising results https://news.cision.com/saltx-technology-holding-ab/r/saltx-berlin-pilot-plant-shows-very-promising-results,c2908570

SaltX pilot will be built and financed b...

Lubomir, 25.10.2019 18:32:08

SaltX pilot will be built and financed by new Chinese partner! Shuangliang will build and develop an energy storage pilot in China. “We believe that the chemical heat storage solution developed by SaltX Technology has many advantages. Shuangliang is currently in discussions with leading Chinese state- owned enterprises such as Power China and State Grid Corporation of China to commercialize SaltX EnerStore as soon as the verification of the pilot is successful. Our customers have clearly expressed interest in chemical heat storage.”- says Minghua Yu, CEO of Shuangliang.

INERCO Ingeniería, Tecnología y Consul...

EREVITA Team, 25.10.2019 19:46:53

INERCO Ingeniería, Tecnología y Consultoría enters a Strategic Business Alliance Agreement with the energy storage company SaltX Technology – listed on Nasdaq First North Premier –. The partners enter a joint development plan where the first step is to build a pre-commercial pilot in Megawatt scale during 2020. INERCO has a strong reputation within thermal power generation engineering and technology. The Energy Storage system to be designed will be charged using a non-dispatchable renewable energy or high temperature waste heat. This system will also allow a controlled discharge in periods of high energy demand, as decarbonised high temperature heat (producing steam for electricity generation or heat for direct industrial use). The goal is to lower the dependency on fossil fuels and increase the flexibility of thermal and renewable power plants. The partners have also agreed to a road map for commercialising the solution. The target markets for the alliance will initially be Spain, Portugal, Central and South America and Mexico. INERCO will be responsible for the development of the first pilot and will also lead the funding of it. “INERCO finds relevant advantages in nanocoated salts for thermochemical energy storage, which have led us to establish a strong partnership with SaltX. The future of the energy sector undoubtedly implies the use of robust and cost-effective energy storage solutions to be integrated with hybridised conventional and renewable energy sources. SaltX´s nanocoated salts present intrinsic advantages with respect to systems based on other energy storage principles, such as those using molten salts, concrete, or electric batteries, due to their improved energy efficiency, management and safety characteristics. With this technological approach INERCO is convinced about finding competitive solutions for the new decarbonised energy scenario related to both power generation and energy intensive industries”, says Pedro Marín, CEO of INERCO.

Steinmüller Engineering signs joint dev...

EREVITA Team, 25.10.2019 20:03:33

Steinmüller Engineering signs joint development agreement with SaltX As Germany has started with the ‘’Energiewende’’, a program for the transition from fos‐ sil fuel to renewables, energy storage is becoming a key technology. SaltX Technology, listed on Nasdaq FNP, has developed and patented an energy stor‐ age system based on nano-coated salt (NCS). A test plant with a 10 MWh storage ca‐ pacity is in operation already at the Vattenfall heat and power plant in Berlin. For detailed information follow the link SaltX In order to further explore and develop the practical application of this new technology, SaltX and Steinmüller Engineering have signed a joint development agreement and plan to build a pre-commercial pilot plant in 2020. We see that the SaltX proprietary technology is a very promising addition to our own en‐ ergy storage solutions and a perfect match with concentrated solar power plants

Interim Report Third Quarter 2019 pdf EN...

G., 1.11.2019 10:16:13

Interim Report Third Quarter 2019 pdf ENG: saltxtechnology.com/media/SaltX_Q3_2019.pdf video ENG: https://youtu.be/HYdnmPj9NqM

At today's Extraordinary General Meeting...

EREVITA Team, 6.11.2019 08:27:20

At today's Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of SaltX Technology Holding AB (publ), it was, in accordance with the Board's proposal, resolved upon a rights issue of shares of series B and to authorize the Board to resolve upon on issues shares of serie B. If the rights issue is fully subscribed, the company will receive proceeds of approximately SEK 80.6 million before issue costs. The EGM voted in favor of following decisions. All decisions were in accordance with the submitted proposals and are described in detail in the EGM documents available on the company's website, www.saltxtechnology.com. Resolution upon on the issue of 14,519,094 shares of series B with pre-emption rights for existing shareholders. The subscription price per share is SEK 5.55. The record date in the share issue is on November 12, 2019 and the subscription period is from November 14, 2019 until November 28, 2019. A prospectus with respect to the rights issue will be published shortly after it has been approved by Finansinspektionen. Resolution upon authorizing the Board to decide on issues of no more than 1,128,725 serie B shares.

The CEO subscribes for issued shares for...

EREVITA Team, 21.11.2019 16:42:33

The CEO subscribes for issued shares for SEK 500,000 The energy storage company SaltX Technology - listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market - carries out a fully guaranteed rights issue of approximately SEK 80 million before issue costs during the period 14 - 28 November. In connection with the ongoing issue, CEO Carl-Johan Linér acquires subscription rights that entitle the holder to subscribe for 90,000 SaltX shares, which means an investment of SEK 500,000. The subscription period runs until November 28, 2019 and subscription rights are traded until November 26 at Nasdaq First North. “SaltX technology for energy storage has a promising future ahead. I look forward to be a part of and develop the company and thus also creating shareholder value”, says Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX Technology.

SaltX Technologies partner in China, Shu...

EREVITA Team, 9.3.2020 16:51:38

SaltX Technologies partner in China, Shuangliang Boiler Co. LTD (Shuangliang), is in the next phase of the pilot plant project. As part of the development work, design parameters have been set and a ton of nanocoated salt has been ordered. The pilot plant is planned to be completed by 2020. The salt will be used to test and optimize the planned pilot plant, which will be built in Shuangliang’s industrial park. Shuangliang finances the development of the pilot plant. “Shuangliang has in a short time succeeded in developing a good construction to store energy in our nanocoated salt. The building of the pilot plant is growing in a promising way and I look forward to seeing it completed later this year.” says Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX Technology, and continues: "Thereafter, Shuangliang will begin and commercialize SaltX energy storage technology for the Chinese market." After completion and verification of the pilot plant, Shuangliang will intensify its work on building a larger pilot plant to their clients.

Sales Manager

Lubomir, 5.11.2021 18:05:53

SaltX Technology and ABB will collaborate to explore a solution for large-scale energy storage installations designed to offset inconsistencies in renewable energy generation with continuous energy supply ABB has signed a cooperation agreement with Sweden-based energy storage company SaltX Technology to enable the development of a stable and scalable control system for EnerStore, a large storage development for the commercialization of nanocoated salt technology innovations. SaltX’s unique technology allows salt to store power with a high energy density in a bulk material, which means it could scale to hundreds of megawatt (MW) hours, becoming a circular and sustainable energy storage solution for suppliers and customers across industries such as pulp and paper, metals and manufacturing. The innovative nanocoating, developed by SaltX over 15 years, makes it possible for systems to have a long lifetime, enabling customers to energize the storage when the electricity price is low and use the stored energy when prices are high, fulfilling their mission to help society shift to sustainable energy. The current energy storage market is on the rise and in 2018 Bloomberg forecasted a USD 620 billion investment opportunity. Bloomberg also concluded that in 2030 the majority of energy storage will be in utility-scale. SaltX technology will harness ABB SaltX Technology will develop large-scale energy storage installations. Image courtesy of SaltX A depiction of the SaltX Technology facilities. Image courtesy of SaltX SaltX technology will harness ABB SaltX Technology will develop large-scale energy storage installations. Image courtesy of SaltX A depiction of the SaltX Technology facilities. Image courtesy of SaltX SaltX technology will harness ABB SaltX Technology will develop large-scale energy storage installations. Image courtesy of SaltX A depiction of the SaltX Technology facilities. Image courtesy of SaltX (1/3) SaltX technology will harness ABB's expertise of control system solutions. ABB’s scope of supply for the initial pilot includes automation and control systems, motors and drives systems, process instrumentation and smart electrification, with potential to scale up the solution for industry customers. ABB’s established experience in scalable control systems will help ensure that the technical platform at EnerStore is optimized for the anticipated high demand in the future. “This collaboration with ABB to enhance our EnerStore with first-class process and control systems, as well as benefit from ABB’s track record and expertise in process optimization, adds tremendous value and credibility to this exciting pilot project,” said Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX Technology. “Our motors, drive systems and automation solutions will complement the unique features of SaltX’s technology, most notably that it enables long-duration heat energy storage with limited heat energy loss over time,” said Björn Jonsson, Hub Manager, Process Industries, ABB. “This groundbreaking partnership fits perfectly with our commitment to shift to sustainable, renewable energy and embed circularity in everything we do to enable a low carbon society.” The design of the pilot plan has begun in collaboration with SaltX with the goal of installing the first joint system in the Luleå pilot. ABB Ability™ System 800xA, is ranked by the ARC advisory group as the world’s #1 distributed control system (DCS) platform over the last 21 years.

Sales Manager

Lubomir, 20.12.2021 17:14:57

SaltX’s new pilot plant – a step towards a fossil free future During 2021, SaltX Technology has built a pilot plant at Vattenfall’s premise in Stockholm to optimize and further develop its technology since the pilot installation in Berlin 2019. SaltX has been given the opportunity to build a test plant at Vattenfall’s Heating plant in Bollmora, Stockholm. The pilot plant has been under construction for a year and enables storage of renewable energy with both a charging reactor and a discharging reactor. Both reactors are of a previously known technology that has been adapted to SaltX’s nanocoated salt and enables both economic and technical scalability. -We must be able to construct large-scale sustainable, long duration energy storage technology, to make the energy sector’s transition to fossil free energy sources possible, says Carl-Johan Linér, CEO at SaltX Technology. SaltX’s technical development of fossil free energy production started with a pilot plant at Vattenfall´s site in Berlin and continues now in Bollmora. When using existing premises and surrounding support functions in Vattenfall’s buildings makes the projects more resource efficient and circular. The plant is in the final phase of mechanical and electrical assembly, and thereafter the test program will begin. This installation will move SaltX technology from step five to seven on the TRL (Technology Readiness Level, scale 0 - 9). -Being able to build large-scale pilot plants is very important to us. There are no shortcuts to proving the energy storage performance. We must build, test, and document the results. A lot can be proven in the lab environment, but this will be the proof of our technology, says Corey Blackman, CTO of SaltX Technology. -We are following the development of different types of energy storage technologies, for storing both electricity and heat. By hosting SaltX´s large-scale thermochemical energy storage pilot plant at our Heating plant in Bollmora, we hope to contribute to the development of this technology says Katarina Eklund, Vattenfall’s plant manager. The pilot plant is an important step in SaltX’s growth and both parties are looking into the opportunity of using the Heating plant as a long-term test center to further optimize and prepare for commercialization of the system. -I am grateful that Vattenfall has given us the opportunity to build our pilot at their facilities and for a constructive continuous dialogue about future opportunities, where both companies can contribute to making the next generation fossil free, concludes Carl-Johan Linér

SaltX Technology AB (publ) has been gran...

EREVITA Team, 24.8.2020 19:23:49

SaltX Technology AB (publ) has been granted support from the Swedish Energy Agency of SEK 5 million. The support will go to further development and verification of SaltX Technology's solution for energy storage, EnerStore with a new updated discharge reactor based on fluidized bed technology. SaltX Technology AB has received a positive response to its application and has now been granted SEK 5 million in support of optimizing and constructing a new reactor for EnerStore. The new reactor is based on fluidized bed technology and is a part of the further development of the previous pilot design based in Berlin. The main goal is to get the new reactor verified and confirmed. The new reactor based on fluidized bed technology is expected to have greater flexibility, efficiency and better operational reliability, but also to be significantly smaller in physical size compared to the previous reactor. - It feels good that we have received this support now, which means that we can gather even more power and continue our development of large-scale energy storage, says Carl-Johan Linér, CEO Due to the covid-19 situation, discussions are ongoing about where it is practically best to place the test facility, i.e. the reactor with associated peripheral equipment. As soon as a decision has been made, more information will come.

Sales Manager

Lubomir, 2.6.2022 19:13:25

Breakthrough in production of “green cement” – results verified by industry experts SaltX Technology has previously communicated about its innovation - Electric Arc Calciner (EAC), and the successful results to produce "green quicklime”. The company is now announcing successful and verified results for electric- and climate-neutral cement production. The cement industry is one of the largest carbon dioxide emitters globally, accounting for about 7 percent of the world's total emissions. To be able to meet the global climate goals of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the cement industry needs to shift its production to renewable energy and eliminate carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacturing process. This technology solves both challenges. The technological innovation called Electric Arc Calciner (EAC) electrifies cement production with renewable energy, and the carbon dioxide released during the manufacturing process comes out as a byproduct - ready for sequestration. This means that the process is very energy efficient compared to other technologies where the CO2 must be captured in a new separate process. Nick B Winter at WHD Microanalysis, who is one of the specialists that has analyzed the material, says: “We have examined several samples of the SaltX-produced material using scanning electron microscopy and the results are clear: SaltX has succeeded in producing clinker with the same clinker mineral characteristics as conventional clinker but using electric plasma heating instead of a traditional rotary kiln” The verified test results are a breakthrough that marks the start of the climate-neutral production of Portland cement clinker, the main ingredient in the most common type of cement and one of the world's most widely used building materials. Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX: "We are delighted to say that we have succeeded in the impossible - to make cement with electricity in an industrial process! I am very pleased with our team that has managed to achieve this. We are now moving forward quickly and planning for a robust industrial production process.” The process has been tested in SaltX 300 kW pilot plant. The company will now continue the development of the technology and optimize the process to achieve an industrial-scale and homogeneous production of Portland cement clinker. The initiative has received positive reactions from the construction industry, where "green cement" has a major impact potential on the industry’s targets to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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