How are Fuelcell Energy stocks doing today?

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How are Fuelcell Energy stocks doing today? if you remember here is...

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Sales Manager

Lubomir, 7.1.2021 23:26:41

We have not even started a serious rally, yet. “Hold” is my humble recommendation.

Sales Manager

Lubomir, 6.2.2021 21:45:41

We already rallied to 24$. Amazing stock $ technology.

Sales Manager

Lubomir, 10.4.2021 20:48:15

Time to buy dip? Following the news which could boost a longterm growth. https://corporate.exxonmobil.com/News/Newsroom/News-releases/2021/0201_ExxonMobil-Low-Carbon-Solutions-to-commercialize-emission-reduction-technology

Re: Sales Manager

Gabriel, 13.4.2021 23:26:42

unfortunately, there is a danger that today's share price will need to be divided by two ....

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