Climeon has won a first order in the United Kingdom

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09 December 2019

Climeon has won a first order in the United Kingdom worth SEK 19.7 million, including software licenses and service fees. The order is the first where Climeon's Heat Power modules will be utilized to recover waste heat from reciprocating engines based on natural gas. - We are very proud of this first order within power plants based on reciprocating engines, an industry with a strong growth potential. Power plants based on reciprocating engines are often used to balance solar and wind power plants and our Heat Power modules both increase efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, says Thomas Öström, CEO of Climeon. The Heat Power modules will be installed at Energy Circle Project 1 in the East Midlands, owned by Energy Circle PLC and maintained by engineering firm CooperÖstlund Ltd. The modules are scheduled to be installed during the end of 2020. Energy Circle and CooperÖstlund are developing a fleet of Flex Power plus power plants based on Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) reciprocating engines and will be delivering power to the national UK Electricity Grid. The Climeon Heat Power modules are part of a highly efficient power plant concept, where the modules help increase efficiency of the power plant, and thus decrease CO2 emissions. - The Heat Power modules are a great way to improve the efficiency of the engines and decrease the emissions. We look forward to continuing and extending our cooperation with Climeon, says Duncan McPherson, CEO of CooperÖstlund. Reciprocating engines are highly efficient, distributed and modular power generators, technologically similar to the engines used in the maritime segment where Climeon has been active since 2015. These power plants are used to produce a baseload power and to balance the grid stability, a need that has increased with the rising amounts of intermittent solar and wind power projects that have been installed in recent years.



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