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05 November 2019

INCREASED DELIVERIES BUT SLOW ORDER INTAKE The third quarter can be summarized as a demanding period in which new orders have not been achieved, while we have seen good progress in our chosen geographical markets and segments, and more than tripled the revenue. To increase the order intake, we have in the past months strengthened and re-organized the sales organization, which is now focusing on rolling out our technology in our prioritized markets and segments. We have in several cases underestimated the complexity of the sales and delivery processes where external factors such as grid capacity, building and drilling permits and landlease agreements have had a large impact on the speed of the projects. This, together with partially unaccustomed customers, has made it difficult to get an overview of the projects and has extended lead times. We have seen these effects not only in Iceland and Japan, but also in Hungary and Germany. We have in recent quarters increased and refined our sales efforts in the marine and industrial segments. We are working systematically to bring up the first power plant in each geographical market, with Japan being next. After more than a year of hard work, we have now received most of the permits for the first power plant in Japan and the work has continued according to plan during the quarter. At the same time, the planning of the second power plant is underway. The goal is to be able to install the modules during the first and second quarters of next year. Despite the time required for these first power plants, our view of the potential in Japan has been strengthened, the political opinion is moving in the right direction and we have increased our local presence. In Iceland, we clearly see the value of having a power plant to demonstrate on location in the country. Landowners, municipalities, banks, grid owners and electricity producers require to see accurate measurement data and stable power generation to take the next step. The handover of the first power plant to the customer, high uptime and stable power generation with good performance enables us to begin the next phase of the roll-out in Iceland. The planning of the next power plants that will be built during the first half of 2020 is under way. An important milestone in the maritime segment is that Climeon for the first time has been approved in a Factory Acceptance Test for a customer within container freight. The Heat Power module was brought onboard the ship during the third quarter and the installation continues during the fourth quarter. A number of steps remain in the certification process, which allows for product approval for the first container ship, opening up a larger part of the maritime industry. Commissioning, and thus revenue recognition, can only take place when all approvals are in place. Previously, Climeon's Heat Power modules have been delivered to five different cruise ships: Viking Grace 2015 and then the newly built Viking Glory and the three Virgin Voyages vessels.



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