SaltX Technologies partner in China, Shuangliang Boiler Co. LTD

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09 March 2020

SaltX Technologies partner in China, Shuangliang Boiler Co. LTD (Shuangliang), is in the next phase of the pilot plant project. As part of the development work, design parameters have been set and a ton of nanocoated salt has been ordered. The pilot plant is planned to be completed by 2020. The salt will be used to test and optimize the planned pilot plant, which will be built in Shuangliang's industrial park. Shuangliang finances the development of the pilot plant. "Shuangliang has in a short time succeeded in developing a good construction to store energy in our nanocoated salt. The building of the pilot plant is growing in a promising way and I look forward to seeing it completed later this year." says Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX Technology, and continues: "Thereafter, Shuangliang will begin and commercialize SaltX energy storage technology for the Chinese market." After completion and verification of the pilot plant, Shuangliang will intensify its work on building a larger pilot plant to their clients.



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