Minesto has generated first power from its commercial-scale Deep Green 500kW

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29 October 2019

Swedish marine energy developer Minesto has generated first power from its commercial-scale Deep Green 500kW tidal kite off the coast of north Wales. The company said initial generation was achieved during the second commissioning phase for the device, which is located at a site in Holyhead Deep. Minesto chief executive Martin Edlund said: "This is the first step towards full power production. Our focus now is on enhancements of the power production capacity as we progress with our Holyhead Deep tidal site and other establishments. "We are entering a new era of renewable energy generation and Minesto is at the forefront. The achievements in Wales over the last few months makes us confident that our unique technology can operate in low-flow tidal streams and ocean currents, offering predictability and reliability to the energy mix." Minesto chief operating office David Collier said the company is concentrating on demonstrating that the technology "works as planned".



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