EREVITA has opened investment positions

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08 October 2019

Attractive share price declines from all time highs ...

EREVITA has opened investment positions

EREVITA has been identifying decent investment opportunities in disruptive technologies across renewable energy sector and bringing these to EREVITA website BLOG readers' attention. Since early september 2019, it has opened its investment positions at CLIMEON (Nasdaq First North Premier) and CENTRICA (London Stock Exchange) stocks. Each of the two companies currently undergoes a different life cycle. CLIMEON, a startup, unfolds its first commercial projects whilst CENTRICA, a mature energy giant, transforms itself into energy company of the future. In both the cases, EREVITA took an advantage of attractive share price declines with medium to long term growth expectation.

All the information provided onto website is of our opinion only and does not express a recommendation to invest.

CLIMEON - Hot water into electricity

CENTRICA - Energy future is decentralized

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